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Welcome to Aladins Store Jewellery & Gift Shop.

Classic Celtic Jewellery & Viking necklaces & pendants in Sterling Silver and lead free Pewter. Bracelets, Chains, Rings and Earrings give a complete fashion choice made here in the UK.

We have a comprehensive range of Lead Crystal and Celtic pewter Gifts & Collectable ornaments, figurines, miniatures, key rings, letter openers and trinket boxes. 

We are an online jewellers & gift shop based on the Isle of Arran Scotland retailing Sterling Silver & lead free pewter jewellery some with semi precious gemstones and Swarovski Crystal elements. Our Lead Crystal ornaments & figures include Swans, Animals, People, Flowers & a range suitable for confirmation and religious gifts. Celtic Viking & Gothic jewellery designs and collectables inspired & created on the Celtic Scottish Isles or in Celtic Wales complement a comprehensive elegant jewellery range of Genuine Swarovski Crystal component jewellery dressed with 925 sterling silver or silver plated chains and bracelets.

We offer complete satisfaction which can be seen at our eBay store Aladins Silver.

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Create Your Own Cult with Celtic Jewellery

The name Celtic jewellery strikes a hidden chord in our minds. Mainly, many people associate gothic customs to Celts, but there is nothing in common between the two. It has been attributed that ancient dwellers of Europe were called the Celts. Well! Thanks to them; we have got such beautiful designs not only in architecture, but also in the silver jewellery they produced. The jewellery range is called Celtic Jewellery. The making of Celtic jewellery commenced along with the arrival of metals like iron and silver. They also made use of beads as well in their jewellery. The Celtic jewellery during their reign was used only in religious ceremonies and, each bit of celtic jewellery added a bit of meaning into their pagan customs. As soon as the Romans embraced Christianity, another branch took a form, which was Celtic Christianity.

This also meant that the new pieces of silver Jewellery included the cross with other Christian inscriptions within the celtic jewellery designs.

Keeping the history away! The best piece of jewellery is that which looks out of this world. That is what Celtic jewellery offers you; the art is so unique that even the simplest of their silver jewellery designs rival todays modern designs. Pewter was also one of the metals used in the past, which was (is still) considered precious, and was widely used in Celtic art of jewellery making. Pewter jewellery, though, lost its popularity after the Middle Ages; it has now making a comeback with the introduction of modern Celtic jewellery.

Pewter is an alloy of copper and tin; hence, working with it to make pewter jewellery is very easy, and helps in moulding the metal according to the complex Celtic designs of celtic jewellery.

As silver was a predominant metal and revered by the pagan groups, it also found a way into their jewellery ranges. Most of the treasures from the Celtic era are Silver jewellery. Silver is another metal like gold, which does not corrode as much, and hence, is good for making jewellery. The Celtic jewellery range,which also boasted of diamond-studded brooches and crosses, were considered one of the finest in that era, these were similar to some of the swarovski jewellery we see now. They were a symbol of the rich and nobles; the crosses were studded with diamonds in such a way that it displayed the social status of the person.

Lot has changed from the Middle Ages; nowadays, with gold prices sky-rocketing every day, and companies like Swarovski jewellery in fashion, people are now more inclined towards silver jewellery or pewter jewellery.

Swarovski jewellery has always been much sought after; Swarovski Jewellery has a strong emotional presence that is both timeless and exquisite. The Swarovski Element jewellery on this site has been made by hand in England using Swarovski elements and a sterling silver 18 inch chain. The Swarovski Element crystal pendants used in our silver jewellery such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings are available in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes. Costume Jewellery is often something that is not made of conventional precious metals and stones.

There are many jewellery types that are available at our stores, from the pewter jewellery brooches, amulets, chains, pendants and rings that reflect the inner feelings of women. Impressing a woman has never been so easy;

Go to Celtic Jewellery, and buy our Celtic jewellery collection. 

The Celtic range of Silver jewellery is something your girl will fall in love. Every piece of Celtic jewellery has a meaning just as someone, who has a meaning in your life.

Gifting is a joy, and seeing your gift appreciated by your loved ones is a moment of a lifetime. This is what Celtic jewellery guarantees you. Go here for Celtic Jewellery